Learn how Thrive Chicago is Using Knowledge to Design, Teach and Collaborate Better.

Thrive Chicago was created on the idea that it’s possible to achieve greater impact if impact organizations coordinated their efforts - specifically in Chicago with youth-serving organizations. Each nonprofit in this network of 300 utilizes a majority of the funding they receive to execute their programs, leaving little room to invest in the capacity needed to collect and analyze data. The challenge here is without this analysis, organizations are limited in their ability to innovate, to optimize their existing operations and grow, and to expand their impact.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • The tactics, tools, and techniques that allowed Thrive to help organizations quantify the success of their work. 
  • The questions Thrive asked themselves and partners to create an environment that encourages knowledge sharing.
  • What action learning means, and how Thrive created a learning experience that allows their neighborhood network partners to implement, test and tweak real programs in real time.